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IISER Berhampur Physical Sciences, IISER Berhampur


Scientific Assistant
Physical Sciences
Academic Details:
  • Scientific Assistant: IISER Berhampur, 2021 to Present
  • Project Scientist: National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar 2018 - 2021
  • Ph. D. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP), Kolkata, 2012 - 2018
  • M.Sc. (Physics), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, 2010 -2012

  • Offered with Principal Project Scientist position at IIT Delhi, 2021
  • National Eligibility Test (NET), 2014
  • Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE), 2012
  • Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST), 2012
  • Joint Admission Test for Masters (JAM), 2010

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