Research Interest:

  • Semiconductor Nanostructures (Quantum Dots, Metal Oxide Materials)
  • Properties of Organic & Molecular Semiconductors
  • Light Emitting Diodes (QD-LED, O-LED, Perovskite-LED)
  • Printed photovoltaic devices (Perovskites)
  • Flexible, stretchable and transparent electronics
  • Functional nano and optoelectronics with soft matter

    Optoelectronic thin film devices made from soft matter or soluble semiconductors have the potential to provide disruptive solutions for a sustainable future. The research in our group mainly focuses on understanding the physical processes in emerging soft matter and soluble semiconductors for thin film optoelectronic devices. We try to understand and exploit the unique optoelectronic properties of emerging semiconductors like in organic molecules, halide based hybrid or fully inorganic perovskites, transparent semiconductors and their nanostructures for applications in photovoltaic and light emitting devices. We work with materials processed either in vacuum or via solution-phase to realize optoelectronic devices and study device physics.